Entry #1

Hello people, this is theSwak.. aka ObsoleteAsian from back in the day

2017-08-18 12:33:13 by theSWAK

I was the original Counter-Stick and made the videos when I was 13, so the quality wasn't great but at the time it was also Flash 4-5? I noticed Tom had to take down some videos due to music but now I produce my own music which you can check out at iTunes, they are my own songs and I own full rights to them so I will replace my old videos so I can have them published again and I will be perhaps making a comback just to prove some of these other Counter-Stick wanna be's what the true original creator can do now.


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2017-10-10 21:54:46

Not uploading the originals somewhere is a very pussy move.

theSWAK responds:

I plan on re uploading them. I just haven't had time to convert it.


2017-10-25 01:13:57

WITH the original music. Otherwise, you're not uploading the originals.